Cannabis Virus Test

Hop Latent Viroid (HLVd), Lettuce Chlorosis Virus (LCV) and Cannabis Cryptic Virus (CCV) can threaten to destroy an entire cultivation operation.

Virus Testing

What is HLVd?

Hop Latent Viroid is an infectious RNA pathogen that was noted in 2017 by multiple cannabis cultivators in California. Disease symptoms include stunting, chlorosis of leaves, and reduction in yield. HLV has the potential to greatly reduce quality and quantity of the plant. Plants may grow shorter with smaller leaves and tighter node spacing. Once flowering, infected plants will have smaller buds with fewer trichomes.

What is CCV?

Cannabis Cryptic Virus is a double stranded RNA virus that may interact with other fungal infections causing symptoms in cannabis plants. Furthermore, CCV can be vertically transmitted through seeds, which means breeders may want to screen plants before crossing.

What is LCV?

Commonly found in lettuce plants grown in Southern California, LCV is thought to have a wider host range which includes cannabis and hemp. Infected plants may show stunted growth but may not show obvious signs of disease until a few weeks into flowering. Visual signs include yellow, rolling, brittle leaves. Although the infection won’t kill the plant, the yield will be greatly reduced. Infected plants will produce smaller flowers with fewer trichomes, cannabinoids, and terpenes.

Prevention is key – Screening incoming clones and using proper sterilization techniques is the most effective way to keep HLVd, CCV and LCV disease outbreaks at bay.

The most accurate diagnosis will be achieved by testing a plant in triplicate. Leaf hole punches are taken from the the top, middle and bottom of the plant. Samples in each area should be taken from the oldest leafs, as they will have the highest viral load.

  • Use a 10% bleach/water solution
  • Isopropanol does NOT kill HLVd
  • In addition to dipping, also wipe tools clean
  • Quarantine potentially infected plants
  • Test all incoming clones
  • Periodically test your rooms

Don’t take a chance. Test all incoming plant materials and include periodic screens in your standard operating procedures.

Cannabis plant virus testing has always been crucial to ensure the optimal yield and quality of cannabis crops. Yet, as the cannabis industry rapidly expands, it’s more important than ever to ensure these plants are free from damaging pathogens. With viruses posing a significant threat to cannabis health and productivity, Nova Analytic Labs steps up with our comprehensive cannabis plant virus testing services.

Viruses in cannabis plants can decimate crops, reduce yields, and result in substantial financial loss for growers. To avoid this, regular cannabis plant virus testing is crucial. Viruses, unlike other plant pathogens, cannot be controlled with fungicides or pesticides. Once a plant is infected, the only way to prevent the virus from spreading is by early detection and removal of the infected plant.

This is where Nova Analytic Labs steps in, offering robust cannabis plant virus testing services that detect infections early. A timely diagnosis can help growers remove infected plants before the virus spreads to the rest of the crop. This preventive measure ensures growers can maximize their yield and maintain the quality of their cannabis plants.

Nova Analytic Labs is leading the way in cannabis plant virus testing. We have developed and refined cutting-edge techniques to accurately identify various viruses that commonly infect cannabis plants. Utilizing their high-tech laboratories and a team of seasoned professionals, Nova Analytic Labs delivers the most reliable and efficient cannabis plant virus testing service in the industry.

Our cannabis plant virus testing not only detects the presence of a virus but also identifies the specific type. This information is invaluable for growers, enabling them to adjust their pest management strategies accordingly. With Nova Analytic Labs, growers gain a trusted partner committed to helping them navigate the challenges of cannabis plant virus testing.

Nova Analytic Labs uses advanced testing methodologies in our cannabis plant virus testing. These include Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing, a sensitive and specific technique that can detect even the smallest amounts of viral RNA or DNA in plant tissues. This level of precision makes their cannabis plant virus testing a must for growers seeking the best for their crops.

The cannabis plant virus testing process at Nova Analytic Labs begins with the collection of plant tissue samples. Skilled technicians then perform a thorough extraction of the nucleic acids from the samples. The extracted material undergoes PCR testing, which amplifies the genetic material of the virus for easy detection.

Following the cannabis plant virus testing, Nova Analytic Labs provides a comprehensive report outlining the test results. If the test identifies a virus, the report includes recommendations for mitigating the virus’s impact and preventing its spread. With Nova Analytic Labs’ cannabis plant virus testing services, growers are never left in the dark about their crop’s health.

As cannabis cultivation continues to grow both nationally and internationally, so does the importance of cannabis plant virus testing. For this reason, Nova Analytic Labs is dedicated to continuously improving our cannabis plant virus testing services.

Research and development form the core of Nova Analytic Labs’ operations, with our scientists continually exploring new methods and technologies. We aim to further improve the sensitivity, specificity, and speed of our cannabis plant virus testing. This commitment to progress makes Nova Analytic Labs the go-to option for growers seeking the best in cannabis plant virus testing.

Moreover, Nova Analytic Labs is committed to education and advocacy. We strive to raise awareness about the importance of cannabis plant virus testing among growers and within the broader industry. Cannabis plant virus testing is an indispensable part of successful cannabis cultivation. It is the first line of defense against viral pathogens that can drastically impact crop yields and quality. Growers who prioritize cannabis plant virus testing not only safeguard their investment but also contribute to the overall health and sustainability of the cannabis industry.

With its innovative methods, comprehensive services, and unwavering commitment to the industry, Nova Analytic Labs is setting the gold standard in cannabis plant virus testing. Our expertise, coupled with dedication to advancing the field, makes Nova Analytic Labs the ideal partner for growers seeking to protect their crops from viral pathogens.

By investing in Nova Analytic Labs’ cannabis plant virus testing, growers invest in the health of their crops, the success of their operations, and the future of the cannabis industry. Visit Nova Analytic Labs today to learn more about our state-of-the-art cannabis plant virus testing services and how they can safeguard your cannabis crops.