HLVd Testing

Hop Latent Viroid (HLVd) can threaten to destroy an entire cultivation operation

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HLVd Cannabis Testing

Hop Latent Viroid (HLVd) is an RNA pathogen discovered to be affecting cannabis plants in various grow operations since 2017. HLVd affects cannabis plants by causing growth stunting, leaf chlorosis (yellowing of leaves) and a marked decrease in yield. Infected plants tend to be shorter, have smaller leaves, and exhibit tighter node spacing. During the flowering stage, such plants produce less potent buds with a significant reduction in trichome production, leading to lower THC content and overall quality.

The silent spread of HLVd can yield cannabis harvests that are up to 30% less than unaffected batches. The quality suffers—a disastrous outcome for a plant prized for its terpene profile, which is vital for its fragrance and therapeutic effects. Afflicted plants exhibit up to a 50% decline in specific terpenes, undermining the value of the crop and causing significant economic damage.

The battle against HLVd is challenging due to its protein-coat-less structure, making early detection tough. Nova Analytic Labs has been pioneering efforts to understand and fight HLVd through molecular diagnostics, pushing for regular and rigorous testing protocols that can detect the viroid before it wreaks havoc. Given that HLVd spreads predominantly via contaminated plant matter and unclean trimming practices, a paramount emphasis has been placed on sanitation. 

Adopting quarantine protocols is essential in the fight against HLVd. New clones and plants require isolation and thorough testing before joining established crops. Additionally, awareness campaigns are vital in imparting knowledge on HLVd, ensuring that sanitation norms become ingrained within the workforce culture.

Prevention and Detection:
Preventing HLVd starts with rigorous screening and sanitation measures for all incoming clones and mother plants. Nova Analytic Labs provides the necessary testing services to identify HLVd, even before visual symptoms appear, preventing potential outbreaks.

Our Testing Protocol:
To ensure the most accurate detection of HLVd, our lab recommends a thorough testing procedure, sampling in triplicate for conclusive results.

Preventative measures, such as the diligent screening of clones and adoption of stringent sterilization practices, are recommended to forestall the outbreaks of HLVd, Cannabis Cryptic Virus (CCV), and Lettuce Chlorosis Virus (LCV). To diagnose these viruses effectively, Nova Analytic Labs suggests testing plant samples in triplicate from various plant sections using a simple leaf and root test. This test targets the oldest leaves for their higher viral load, enhancing detection accuracy.

  • Implement a 10% bleach solution for equipment sterilization.
  • Note that isopropanol is ineffective against HLVd.
  • Disinfect tools by wiping them clean after dipping.
  • Quarantine and monitor plants showing potential infection signs.
  • Regularly test all new clones before introducing them to the grow area.
  • Schedule periodic tests to ensure the health of your cultivation rooms.

As the industry expands, ensuring plant health is paramount. Nova Analytic Labs excels in providing comprehensive cannabis plant virus testing, utilizing PCR testing for the most accurate results. Our specialized services are designed to pinpoint the type of viral infection, aiding growers in crafting specific responses to combat these threats effectively.

  • Collect tissue samples from the top, middle, and bottom of the plant, in addition, to the top of the root.
  • Extract nucleic acids with precision and care.
  • Utilize PCR testing to amplify and detect viral RNA/DNA.
  • Provide detailed reports with actionable insights.

As we gaze into the future of cannabis cultivation, our efforts to combat Hop Latent Viroid (HLVd) encompass not only immediate prevention and detection but also long-term genetic strategies. By selecting and propagating strains that show resilience against HLVd, we strive to create a future where growers can rely on a stable, viroid-resistant seed stock. Combined with the practice of starting with verified disease-free seeds, our commitment to innovation holds the key to abundant and vigorous crop yields.

Our commitment at Nova Analytic Labs is rooted in three core principles: prevention, accurate detection, and swift action. By equipping cultivators with the essential insights and tools, we’re not just defending current crops from viral adversaries but also paving the way for the sector’s enduring prosperity.

Protect your life’s work from the threat of viruses by embedding Nova Analytic Labs’ precise testing solutions into the heart of your cultivation routines. Ensure the longevity and success of your operation with our unwavering support.