Cannabis Pesticide Testing


Accredited by ISO17025 and Certified by Maine OCP for Mandatory Pesticide Testing in Cannabis 

Over 2 years of experience analyzing thousands of pesticides, fungicides, and plant growth regulators in Cannabis.

Our experience is key – Nova is the 1st and only lab with FULL CERTIFICATION (not provisional) for testing the list of mandatory pesticides in Maine. Full certification means we have passed Maine OCP & CDC inspection and have been accredited by ISO 17025. Nova has been analyzing this difficult class of compounds for over 2 years. We know the common interferences and pitfalls with this analysis and can provide you the highest level of pesticide analysis accuracy around.

Pesticide analysis is especially difficult due to the extremely low detection levels required by regulations. As a result, only the most sensitive instrumentation and accurate methodologies can detect all of the required compounds.

Nova has implemented a unique high-resolution mass spectrometry methodology to simultaneously quantify all 66 target analytes in a single injection. This advanced technology virtually removes the possibility of FALSE POSITIVES and ensures you have the MOST ACCURATE result.

  • Beginning December 12, 2022, cannabis flower, trim, and concentrate may be tested for pesticides.
  • On January 12, 2023, all cannabis flower, trim, and concentrate must pass mandatory testing for pesticides before it is manufactured into a cannabis product or transferred to a cannabis store for sale to consumers.
  • After January 12, 2023 all products must be manufactured using cannabis flower, trim, or concentrate that has passed mandatory testing for pesticides.
  • During the Dec. 12, 2022 and Jan 12, 2023 transition period, products may be manufactured with material that passed mandatory testing prior to Dec. 12, 2022 (i.e. was not tested for pesticides).
  • After June 12, 2023, cannabis flower, trim, or concentrate that passed all mandatory testing required before December 12, 2022 (i.e. was not tested for pesticides) must undergo mandatory pesticide testing before transferring to a retail store for sale.

Similar to Heavy Metals, remediation is not allowed for pesticides. Retesting is allowed and requires resubmission of two packages.
See OCP Guidance Document for full details.

State Mandated Minimum reporting limits are given in ppm

Abamectin0.5Etofenprox0.4Permethrin cis0.2
Acephate0.4Etoxazole0.2Permethrin trans0.2
Cyfluthrin1MGK 264 I0.2Trifloxystrobin0.2
Cypermethrin1MGK 264 II0.2Pyrethrins Cinerin I1
Daminozide1Myclobutanil0.2Pyrethrins Cinerin II1
Diazinon0.2Naled0.5Pyrethrins Jasmolin I1
Dichlorvos1Oxamyl1Pyrethrins Jasmolin II1
Dimethoate0.2Paclobutrazol0.4Pyrethrins Pyrethrin I1
Ethoprophos0.2Parathion-methyl0.2Pyrethrins Pyrethrin II1

Nova Analytic Labs, boasting over two years of experience in the cannabis industry, has analyzed a myriad of pesticides, fungicides, and plant growth regulators. As the first lab in Maine to gain full certification for testing state-mandated pesticides, Nova Analytic Labs promises reliable, precise, and comprehensive cannabis pesticide testing services.

The stringent regulations requiring low detection levels make pesticide analysis in cannabis quite challenging. Nova Analytic Labs uses the most sensitive instruments and precise methodologies, leveraging years of experience to deliver unparalleled accuracy in cannabis pesticide testing.

Our laboratory utilizes high-resolution mass spectrometry methodology for cannabis pesticide testing, allowing us to quantify all 66 target analytes simultaneously. This innovative method significantly reduces the risk of false positives and ensures accurate results.

As of January 12, 2023, mandatory testing for pesticides in cannabis products is required before sale or manufacturing. During a transition period, products made with material that passed mandatory testing could be sold without specific pesticide testing. However, post-June 12, 2023, all cannabis products must undergo mandatory pesticide testing prior to sale.

Nova Analytic Labs is dedicated to providing the highest quality testing services in response to growing demand for rigorous and reliable cannabis pesticide testing. Our focus on safety, regulatory compliance, and maintaining customer trust makes us a reliable partner in ensuring the highest product integrity.

In the burgeoning cannabis industry, product safety and quality are paramount. Pesticide testing isn’t just a regulatory requirement but also crucial in building consumer trust and enhancing brand reputation. By complying with cannabis pesticide testing standards, your brand not only protects its consumers but also its standing for quality and safety.

We strive to deliver accurate and timely results to help your products comply with the mandatory testing requirements in the cannabis industry. Our comprehensive services help you stay ahead of regulatory changes, safeguard your consumers, and maintain your business’s success.

Our commitment to quality, innovation, and precision in cannabis pesticide testing places us at the forefront of the cannabis industry. We are dedicated to delivering accurate, reliable results that not only meet but exceed regulatory standards.

By choosing Nova Analytic Labs as your cannabis pesticide testing partner, you’ll experience the precision, quality, and peace of mind that comes from working with industry leaders. We aim to make the cannabis industry safer and more reliable, one test at a time.