Nova Analytic Labs Launches PFAS Testing Services

Offerings to help detect and monitor “forever chemicals” in drinking and groundwater

June 25, 2024 (Portland, Maine)Nova Analytic Labs, the most trusted next-gen testing and consulting partner of the cannabis and hemp sectors, announced the expansion of its offerings to include testing solutions for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Nova has developed a comprehensive range of solutions for detecting and monitoring these persistent and potentially harmful chemicals. The initial offering includes testing drinking water under EPA Method 533 and accredited by Maine Laboratory Accreditation Program. The Company’s state-of-the-art laboratory and experienced team are dedicated to delivering accurate and reliable results to help protect public health and the environment.

PFAS, often referred to as “forever chemicals,” are man-made substances used in various industrial and consumer products such as firefighting foams, non-stick cookware, and water-repellent fabrics. PFAS do not break down in the environment and have been linked to numerous health risks such as cancer, liver damage, and immune system effects. Given their inherent stability and ability to seep into groundwater supplies, PFAS pose a significant hazard to public safety. As a result, comprehensive testing and monitoring are necessary.

Nova Analytic Labs’ PFAS testing solutions are suitable for a wide range of clients, including:

Nova offers comprehensive testing services for PFAS in drinking water sources; including public water systems, private wells, and bottled water. Our methods comply with EPA guidelines under Method 533 and soon will expand to include EPA methods 537, 537.1, 537.1-Modified, and 1633. We can detect and quantify a wide range of PFAS compounds at extremely low part per trillion (ppt) levels, ensuring accurate results for regulatory compliance and public health protection.

Nova’s testing services include:

Routine Monitoring: Periodic testing is undertaken to ensure ongoing compliance with environmental requirements and safeguard the water quality.


Incident Response: Immediate testing carried out in response to potential contamination occurrences, providing rapid and accurate results to facilitate prompt actions.


Consultative Services: Expert advice on implementing a testing program to mitigate risk and monitor PFAS contamination and remediation efforts.

Nova CEO and co-founder Christopher Altomare commented, “Everything we do at Nova is centered around the promotion of public health and safety through testing. By taking the decades of experience we’ve gained in the medical diagnostics and cannabis testing spaces, we are in a unique position to address the present challenge of PFAS. These chemicals can persist in the environment and human body for prolonged durations, progressively accumulating and resulting in substantial concerns over long-term environmental safety and human health. Early detection can prevent long-term exposure and mitigate negative impacts on communities. Testing also provides data that can guide remediation and treatment strategies, helping public health officials make knowledgeable decisions about how to remove or reduce PFAS, and set informed standards for allowable levels.”

Contact Nova Analytic Labs today to discuss your PFAS testing needs and receive a quote. Our team specializes in providing accurate and reliable results to safeguard public health and protect the environment.

About Nova Analytic Labs

Nova Analytic Labs is the most trusted next-gen testing and consulting partner of the cannabis and hemp sectors. Our accredited laboratories and team of scientists, engineers and innovators developed user-friendly platforms and proven advanced technologies that deliver comprehensive, accurate, real-time results that operators can trust. Not just a fee-for-service testing lab, Nova stays the course with its partners, helping identify problems, mitigate risk, optimize processes and contribute to their overall success. As we enter a new era of cannabis, our testing solutions are creating a better, safer future. 

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