Nova Analytic Labs Announces Maine Pesticide Certification

Leading Maine Cannabis Testing Facility Announces the Addition of Pesticide Testing to the List of OCP and ISO 17025 Certifications

Portland, Maine (December 8 2022). Nova Labs becomes the first and only lab in the state to receive full certification for testing the full list of mandatory pesticides in Maine. Required pesticide testing for Adult Use cannabis begins 12/12/22. Maine OCP has issued guidance that outlines when and what cannabis material must be tested for pesticides.

Pesticide analysis is especially difficult due to the extremely low detection levels required by regulations. As a result, only the most sensitive instrumentation and accurate methodologies can detect all of the required compounds.

Nova has been preparing for mandatory pesticide testing for over two years. They have invested heavily in technology, equipment, training and staffing. Nova has developed a proprietary high resolution mass spectrometry method for testing these analytes that reduces potential interferences and allows the highest possible accuracy and precision; while still managing to process hundred of samples per day.

They are currently accepting samples from cultivators, processors, dispensaries and retailers who want to ensure their products comply with Maine’s mandatory testing requirements beginning 12/12/22.

In addition to pesticide testing, Nova offers comprehensive cannabinoid and terpene tests that detect and measure all key compounds. Nova is also leading the way in Maine with virus testing for Hop Latent Viroid (HLVd), Lettuce Chlorisis, and Cannais Cryptic Virus. Other test services include: microbials, metals, residual solvents, homogeneity, foreign material, water activity and nutrient analyses, and cannabis sex testing.

Nova also offers environmental testing for cannabis facilities. Swabbing, soil and water sampling can help trace areas of pesticide contamination. To schedule a facility visit please call their office at 207-466-4661

About Nova Labs – Tomorrow’s Testing, Today

Nova Analytic Labs is a Portland-based company that provides analytical services to the adult use cannabis industry, medical caregivers, hemp CBD businesses and the general public. The company name is an acronym for innovationThe mission of Nova is to provide rapid, high quality test results by combining advanced technologies with expertly developed scientific methods. The Nova team strives to provide insightful scientific information that can help clients maintain compliance and create safer and more effective cannabis products.