Featured on the MJBulls Podcast: Why Nova Analytic Labs Stands Out in the Cannabis Industry

We are thrilled to announce that Nova Analytic Labs was recently featured in the MJBulls podcast. The episode, hosting our CEO, Christopher Altomare, shed light on the many achievements and unique offerings of Nova Analytic Labs. Let’s delve into why Nova was interviewed for this feature.

  • Ensuring Cannabis Safety: With the surge in cannabis demand, many growers turn to pesticides to achieve higher yields. While this may lead to increased production, it simultaneously raises questions about the safety of the product. Nova Analytic Labs stands as a beacon of safety in this scenario, ensuring every cannabis product is rigorously tested. This offers users the peace of mind that their chosen products won’t lead to any adverse short-term or long-term health effects.
  • Pioneers in Pesticide Testing: Proudly, Nova Analytic Labs holds the distinction of being the first to offer cannabis pesticide testing in Maine. This move underscores our commitment to ensuring that consumers have access to cannabis that is high quality and free from harmful chemicals.
  • Extensive Terpene Testing: Our lab offers a vast spectrum of terpene testing – a whopping 58 terpenes compared to the typical 23. This in-depth approach allows growers and operators to understand their product in-depth, ensuring predictable outcomes and consistent cannabis experiences for users.
  • Advanced Speciation Testing: Mold is a significant concern in the cannabis industry. Our speciation testing goes beyond merely identifying mold; it reveals the specific type of mold and offers insights on how to handle it most effectively, ensuring the utmost safety of the cannabis product.

Our feature on the MJBulls podcast is not just a testament to our current achievements but also a precursor of the great strides Nova Analytic Labs is poised to make in the future. We remain committed to our core tenet: ensuring that cannabis, as an industry and a product, remains safe, effective, and transparent.

Reference: NOVA Analytic Labs | Christopher Altomare, July 18, 2023