At-Home Cannabis Plant Sexing Kit

Identifying plant sex is a crucial component for cultivating a successful cannabis harvest.  Since the 1970’s, growers have been making seedless (unpollinated) flowers, also called ‘sensimilla’, by ensuring that the female plants are not pollinated by any male plants.  After all, only the famously resinous female plants produce those sticky, trichome-laden buds we all love, hence why the vast majority of growers are only concerned with growing an all female crop. Fertilized plants also tend to produce an inferior product, the energy that the plant exerts producing seeds depletes the concentrations of precious cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.  It is, therefore, imperative that any male cannabis plants are detected and removed as early as possible, before they can damage the rest of the crop.

Differentiating Between The Sexes

Recognizing the male plants solely based on the delicate visual cues can be error prone and extremely time consuming, making it a costly and ineffective method to use.  The male cannabis plants typically do not show visual indications of sex until 4-6 weeks after germination, where you will start to see their tiny, smooth, egg shaped pollen sacks.  The plants’ leaves, branches and stem widths are all other ways to differentiate between the male and female plants but are particularly hard for less experienced growers to spot and the process requires a vast amount of time and resources.  Workers must closely inspect every single plant to search for indications of sex, valuable time that could be spent doing many other things.

Our team of scientists at Nova Analytic Labs has introduced an at-home cannabis sexing kit that eliminates the squinting, second-guessing, and frustration of trying to visually identify the males. The at-home DNA testing kit takes just minutes to do and can identify males and females 2-3 weeks post-germination, once they’ve entered the seedling stage and have their first true leaf. By tapping into the cutting-edge power of modern DNA science, this game-changing product lets you determine plant gender early and accurately, all from the convenience of your own grow room or facility.

Cannabis Plant Sexing Made Effortlessly Simple

Nova Analytic Labs’ at-home sexing kit analyzes the genetic code at the chromosome level to reveal a plant’s true gender identity with scientific certitude. By removing all of the guesswork and human error from your cannabis plant sexing you can be confident that you are cultivating an all female crop.

We have made the DNA testing process simple and streamlined, just follow our easy-to-follow instructions, snip a tiny sample from the plant and pop it in the included prepaid mailer.  Within days, our laboratory wizards will be able to provide you with an unambiguous male or female result. 

The included supplies make plant tissue sample collection a total breeze.  Our professional-grade testing equipment utilizes cutting-edge genomics to precisely extract and examine the chromosomal evidence, providing reliable gender data direct to your secure online account.  

Peace of Mind From Day One

With the at-home plant sexing kit for cannabis from Nova Analytic Labs, growers can cultivate with complete confidence about their crop’s gender makeup from the earliest seedling or clone stages. 

Stop wasting time, space and resources.  As it may take as long as 6 weeks for growers to be able to visually differentiate between the sex of the plants, for up to 6 weeks half of your growing space may be occupied by males.  This is a huge waste of space and resources when you could instead have 100% of your space occupied by female plants from seedlings.  Not only does that save space, but also nutrients, lights, water etc that would have otherwise gone to waste.  By identifying the males in the seedling tray, much time, labor and money is saved by removing them at this stage, before they have been transplanted, only to have to remove and discard them weeks later.

Whether you’re an industrial-scale cannabis cultivation corporation or a passionate hobbyist homegrower, our trailblazing genetic testing technology liberates cultivators to focus on what really matters – raising premium plants for uncompromising terpene concentration, superior flower quality, maximum potency and maximum harvests.

The Cannabis DNA Testing Innovators

Behind the at-home plant sexing kit are our world-class team of scientists, botanists, biotechnologists and cannabis researchers at Nova Analytic Labs. Our diverse team is relentlessly committed to developing cutting-edge genomic solutions that address the unique challenges and complexities of the cannabis plant.

Leveraging our significant intellectual resources and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, we at Nova Analytic Labs stake our reputation on delivering the most accurate, reliable, and trusted cannabis and hemp testing products on the market. Every aspect of our at-home sexing kit – from the DNA assays and sample preservation to the digital security and customer deliverables – upholds the highest industry standards for quality, precision, and data privacy.

By continually exploring new techniques, technologies, and analytical methodologies, our company stays resolutely at the vanguard of the dynamic cannabis testing sector. Our innovative spirit and evidence-based mentality enables us to rapidly translate new scientific breakthroughs into real-world tools that provide cultivators with a competitive edge and meaningful insights.

Sexing Your Cannabis Has Never Been This Easy, Order Your At-Home Cannabis Sex Test Kit Today

If you’re ready to leave the hassles of unreliable visual sexing behind and experience the future of cannabis cultivation, order your at-home plant sex testing kit today directly from Nova Analytic Labs.  Our simple DNA testing saves you money, time and resources growing and identifying the male plants, when you could be investing into 100% valuable female plants.

Once you’ve enjoyed the unparalleled accuracy, convenience, and peace of mind that our at-home sexing kit provides, you’ll never look at cannabis cultivation the same way again. Click here to order your kit today.