Cannabis Consulting Services

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Consulting Services for Superior Cannabis Quality and Safety

Nova Analytic Labs stands as a shining symbol of dedication and proficiency within the flourishing cannabis industry. With an unyielding commitment to ensuring exceptional quality, we offer premium cannabis consulting services. Our aim? To assist businesses and laboratories in navigating the intricate maze of the cannabis world, ensuring they not only survive but thrive.

Delving into Facility Testing Services


Your achievements mirror our objectives. Take advantage of our Comprehensive Facility Analysis, meticulously crafted to ensure your production surroundings remain uncontaminated. Our offerings range from thorough Facility Safety Inspections to the establishment of Strategic Alliances. By partnering with Nova Analytic Labs, you’re not just improving, you’re reaching new heights in your cannabis endeavors.

R&D In-Process Testing Explained


Your journey, from the humble seed to the final sale, is our guiding path. Our Research & Development offerings, encompassing everything from intricate cannabinoid profiling to rigorous shelf life evaluations, are designed to ensure your products reflect nothing but excellence.

Cannabis contaminant testing isn’t just about fulfilling regulatory requirements. It’s about ensuring consumer safety and trust. A contaminated product can cause adverse health effects and damage a brand’s reputation. That’s where we come in, to provide meticulous testing services for every batch of cannabis product.

Whether you’re a cultivator, distributor, or caregiver, our Quality Assurance and R&D solutions cater to every entity within the cannabis continuum.

Our expertise can elevate product quality, highlighting potential enhancement areas, ensuring you’re always a step ahead.

Indeed, we do. Every business is unique, and our services are sculpted to resonate with your individual requisites.

Stability Testing is the foundational pillar upholding cannabis quality. Our services range from closely monitoring potency metrics, such as THC and CBD concentrations, to ensuring packaging remains uncompromised. We take a holistic approach, ensuring not just product safety but also consistency over time.


Potency: Continuously monitor and document concentrations of THC, CBD, and other vital cannabinoids.

Microbial Growth: Undertake thorough checks to confirm the absence of detrimental bacteria, fungi, and yeasts.

Physical Characteristics: Assess and ensure the aspects of your product that determine its appeal to consumers.

Terpene Stability: Keep a close watch on any shifts in the terpene profile.

Packaging Integrity: Guarantee that your products remain protected, pristine, and free from external contaminants.

With Nova Analytic Labs, you receive rigorous cannabis stability assessments conducted under diverse circumstances. Our expert insights will offer clarity on product shelf life, ideal storage conditions, and more.

It’s not just about adhering to industry regulations. Ensuring product stability translates to guaranteed quality, unwavering safety, and consistent offerings. In aligning with us, you’re not merely meeting standards; you’re setting them.

At Nova, we recognize the critical role of microbial testing in ensuring the safety and quality of cannabis products. Our comprehensive microbiology testing services include analysis for bacteria, yeast, molds, and their harmful mycotoxins. Cannabis, used in various forms, poses unique challenges for microbial testing. Our process involves meticulous sample collection under sterile conditions, followed by microbial analysis using advanced techniques to identify both benign and harmful microorganisms.


We focus on detecting common bacterial and fungal contaminants in cannabis, such as Salmonella, E. coli, and various types of fungi. Additionally, we conduct foreign matter inspection using techniques like UV light analysis and microscopic examination to detect extraneous matter, including fecal contamination and insects.


Our environmental testing services are crucial in identifying areas of microbial contamination within production and processing facilities, helping to improve hygiene protocols and sanitation practices. We use a highly specific and automated system for detecting pathogens, with advanced PCR techniques for pathogenic strains. Our innovative microbiology test can return accurate results within three days, significantly faster than the industry standard. This efficiency is paramount for consumer safety and the success of our clients.


Our vision goes beyond mere advisory roles. We’re staunch advocates for the advancement and prestige of cannabis testing labs, with an unwavering emphasis on impeccable quality and unyielding safety.


Is unparalleled excellence in cannabis your aspiration? Engage with Nova Analytic Labs. Together, we can morph your aspirations into palpable results. Don’t wait. Connect with us today and redefine your cannabis trajectory.